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Why do you need aesthetic insurance?

As with everything in life, there is always a small possibility something could go wrong. Without the protection of Aesthetic Insurance, your reputation, income, and your business could be at risk. For even the most careful and experienced practitioners, the reality is that any aesthetic procedure could result in unintentional complications, and if a client does make a claim against you, you will need to defend this claim.

Aesthetic Insure are here to protect you in the event of a mishap by providing experience and knowledge, as well as financial support through indemnity, to ensure the best outcome for you and your business whether you are at fault or not.

Let us take the hassle out of defending a claim so that you can focus on what matters to your business.

What makes Aesthetic InsurE stand out

Aesthetic Insure prides itself on its dedication to adapt and grow with the Industry and every facet of Aesthetic Insurance, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands as part of one of the most rapidly evolving industries globally.

And it doesn’t end there! We can also protect your Clinic itself, with coverage ranging from Buildings, Contents and Stock cover, to Public and Employers’ Liability, which is essential if you employ staff.

Whether you are an Independent Practitioner, Clinic or Aesthetics Training School, whatever your insurance needs; Aesthetic Insure will deliver.


Medical Malpractice

Insurance designed to protect you and your business against claims that may be brought about against you, arising from the treatments you provide. Medical Malpractice Insurance covers any situation in which a medical professional causes injury to a patient, through an act of negligence or a failing on their part.

Public Liability

Provides you with cover for any injury or damage to third parties caused by you or your company, but not as a consequence of a treatment. For example:

  • A client slipping and injuring themselves on a wet surface at your premises
  • Accidental damage to a client’s carpet or clothing
  • A third party tripping over your treatment equipment or bag and injuring themselves

Employers' Liability

Provides you with cover and protects your business against any legal liability for injury, illness or death of an employee and any expenses, damages or costs which occurred while the employee is under a contract of service to the business.

Specialist Machinery

More specific insurance tailored towards high-value equipment such as Laser Machines, BTL Emsella Chair, Radiofrequency devices and so on. Includes coverage for loss of or damage to machines both owned or on hire purchase.

Clinic Insurance

We can protect your clinic itself, with coverage ranging from Buildings, Contents, Stock cover, to Public and Employers’ liability, which is important if you employ staff.

Whether you are an independent practitioner, Clinic or Aesthetics Training School, whatever your insurance needs; Aesthetic Insure will deliver.

Cyber Cover

Cyber Insurance protects you from cyberattacks and any financial loss arising from a cyber-related incident. As we become increasingly reliant on technology, it is now far easier for criminals to ply their trade digitally – cyberattacks are the modern day crime and cyber insurance is the way to protect against them.

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