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Aesthetic Practitioner Insurance

As an Aesthetic Practitioner, and a Medical Professional, it is essential to have Liability Insurance. The right Insurance policy can cover you, your business and your staff. Insurance for medical practitioners is vital in order to protect your business and your reputation in the industry.  Aesthetic Practitioner Insurance is important for any licensed practitioner giving medical aesthetic treatments and guidance to their patients. In the result of a medical error, a Medical Malpractice claim could be made against you or your clinic, and it is therefore crucial to have the correct Insurance Policy to protect you.

Aesthetic Insure are an Irish Insurance Broker providing Aesthetic Practitioner Insurance for Aesthetic and Cosmetic Practitioners. This type of insurance is necessary for any individual practising aesthetic or cosmetic treatments on their patients, and despite your work being non-surgical, patients may still make a claim against you if they feel they have been mistreated. Practitioners deserve the peace of mind and knowledge that they are covered in the event of medical negligence or malpractice claims made against them. Medical Malpractice claims can include, but are not limited to, surgical errors, physical or mental injury as a result of a mistake made and medical negligence.

Aesthetic Insure provides aesthetic practitioner insurance with a dedicated approach to work alongside you and your business to adapt to every aspect of the Aesthetic Insurance industry. We can provide cover not only for you but for your staff, clinics, training schools, stock and contents. Aesthetic Insure will handle your claims whether you are at fault or not so you can focus on the success of your business. Whether you work as an Aesthetics, Cosmetics, Medical or Surgical Practitioner, Aesthetic Insure has a policy to suit your needs

Aesthetic Practitioner Insurance is vital while working within the cosmetic and aesthetic industries, as without the correct cover you could be personally liable for compensation and legal fees if a claim is made against you or your business. Aesthetic Insure offers comprehensive, competitively priced policies to keep your mind at rest while you do what you are best at. Together with Aesthetic Insure, you and your business can thrive with the knowledge that you are protected in the case of an emergency. Find us on Trust Pilot where you can read 5-star reviews from our clients and fill out the form below today to receive a free personal quote from Aesthetic Insure.


Do I need Aesthetic Practitioner Insurance?

If you are a licensed Aesthetic or Cosmetic Practitioner, you need Aesthetic Practitioner Insurance. Any individual who practises aesthetics should have an insurance policy in place in the event a claim is made against you or your business.

Who can use Aesthetic Insure?

As an Ireland based Insurance Broker, we provide a service for Aesthetic Practitioners based in the Republic of Ireland. We can also provide a service for practitioners based in the EU that may have previously been working with UK based Aesthetics Insurer pre-Brexit.

How much will my policy cost?

The cost of your policy is dependent on the amount of cover you will need, whether you are covering yourself as an individual practitioner, a clinic or a team of staff. We can also provide cover for buildings, content and stock. For a personalised quote, email us at or complete our online submission form today.

Can Aesthetic Insure cover my clinic?

Yes, at Aesthetic Insure we are proud to offer Insurance policies for Private Clinics, Hospitals and more. Please get in touch to discuss the right Insurance Policy for you and your business.