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Cosmetic Surgeon Insurance is essential for any practicing Cosmetic Surgeon. The right Insurance Policy can cover you in the event of surgical errors and in cases where corrective surgery is necessary. Without the correct Cosmetic Surgeon Insurance, you are vulnerable and at risk of being held personally liable for any claims and costs brought against you, including compensation and legal fees. In order to work and run your business with peace of mind, you must be covered with the correct Insurance Policy to protect you. The right Cosmetic Surgeon Insurance will protect you in the event you are presented with a Medical Malpractice or negligence claim. Malpractice claims can be made when a patient believes they have not been treated with the correct standard of care. Claims can also be made regarding surgery errors, wrong site surgery and injuries resulting in physical or mental distress. In the event of such claims, you and your business must have the correct Insurance Policy with the ability to fight the claims made against you.

Aesthetic Insure is an Ireland-based Insurance broker, providing Cosmetic Surgeon Insurance. Through our experience and extensive knowledge, we can help you in cases of medical errors and provide support whether you are at fault or not. With the right Insurance policy, you, your team and your business can concentrate on what you are best at and focus on the success of your business.

We have vast experience providing Insurance for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons and can also provide services for specialisms such as Maxillofacial, Ophthalmic and more. Aesthetic Insure can also provide cover for Private Clinics, Hospitals and Consultants. We offer comprehensive, competitively priced policies and with backing from A-rated Insurers, your business will be safe and protected with cover from Aesthetic Insure.

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Do I need Cosmetic Surgeon Insurance?

If you are a licensed, practising Cosmetic Surgeon, you need Cosmetic Surgeon Insurance to protect you and your reputation in case of emergency. Without the correct Insurance Policy, you may be personally liable for any claims and fees brought against you.

Can Aesthetic Insure cover my team and my clinic?

Here at Aesthetic Insure, we are proud to offer a range of Insurance polices to fit all needs. We can provide cover for yourself, your team, the building itself, your contents and your stock. Get in touch to discuss the right cover for you and your business.

How much will my cover cost?

There is no set price for the policies that we provide, this is because the cost of your Insurance Policy is dependent on the cover that you need and is specifically tailored to you. The cost of your policy will depend on whether you are insuring yourself as an individual, your team, clinic or more. Get in touch today to receive a personalised quote, complete our online submission form or email us at

What will my Aesthetic Insure policy cover?

Aesthetic Insure use knowledge and experience to protect you and your business when it comes to claims made against you. Our Cosmetic Surgeon Insurance will cover you in case of medical malpractice and negligence claims. Using both our knowledge of the industry and financial help through indemnity we can protect every aspect of your business.

Where is Aesthetic Insure based?

We are an Irish Insurance broker, based in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. We provide Cosmetic Surgeon Insurance for practitioners based in Ireland as well as providing a service for Medical Professionals based in the EU who may have previously been serviced by a UK insurer pre-Brexit.