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Cosmetic and Aesthetic Nurses working in Ireland should ensure they are protected by a policy that specifically caters to their needs. Without the appropriate insurance in place, you or your employer could be held personally liable if anything goes wrong with one of your treatments. This includes being held liable for the cost of compensation claims made against you, as well as the associated legal fees.

Compensation claims made in court are costly in terms of both time and money. They could also have a serious effect on your reputation and career. However, you can avoid these risks by ensuring you’re protected by comprehensive insurance cover.

Whilst you can make patients aware of the risks associated with any procedure, unexpected problems will inevitably arise from time to time. These include things like allergic reactions or injuries. Your insurance is there to protect you and your reputation when problems like this happen, helping you to continue your success as a Cosmetic Nurse. You can continue to focus on your work with confidence when you know you have comprehensive Aesthetic Nurse indemnity insurance cover that protects you against risks.

Ireland-based insurance broker

Aesthetic Insure is an Irish insurance broker that specialises in helping medical professionals find insurance, including insurance policies tailored to the needs of Aesthetic Nurses. If you’re a Cosmetic Nurse looking for comprehensive and reliable insurance cover that gives you genuine peace of mind when you’re at work, we’re the experts who can help you find the right insurance policy that fits your budget and circumstances. As well as serving Cosmetic Nurses based in the Republic of Ireland, we also have an in-house underwriting team who can serve Aesthetic Nurses who work in other EU countries. You may previously have been served by a UK-based company, and we can instead help you from Dublin with our trusted broker services. Whether you work in Ireland or another EU country, choose Aesthetic Insure for our expertise and extensive knowledge of insurance for Cosmetic Nurses. Our specialist team can help you find and compare the most suitable policies offered at competitive prices. We’re totally committed to helping every client find an insurance policy that’s a great match for their requirements. If you need an insurance broker in Ireland to help you find the right professional insurance for you, simply complete our contact form to get in touch with the team.


Who needs Aesthetic Nurse insurance?

If you’re an Aesthetic Nurse working in the Republic of Ireland or another EU country, you need Aesthetic Nurse indemnity insurance. Coverage should be arranged for all types of treatments provided in any location, Republic of Ireland, EU or otherwise.

What is covered by Aesthetic Nurse indemnity insurance?

Having Cosmetic Nurse indemnity insurance will protect you if a claim is brought against you for malpractice and/or negligence. The insurance also covers you for other types of claims, for example breaches of GDPR or confidentiality as well as Good Samaritan Acts

How much does Aesthetic Nurse insurance cost

Precise costs will depend on the level of cover you need. This is affected by factors such as the type of work you do – higher risk treatments are likely to increase the cost of your insurance, and your annual turnover. For a personalised, formal quotation, contact Aesthetic Insure for a quote using our contact form.

How do I know what Cosmetic Nurse insurance policy I need?

The insurance coverage you’ll need is dependent on your circumstances and the type of treatments you carry out. We can advise you on the right level of coverage for you and help you decide on the most appropriate policy for your needs.